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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sandpiper- Little Golden Plover

The Golden Plover flies to Hawaii every winter when it's freezing in Alaska and like other animals who migrate south during the snowy season, this bird then flies about 3000 miles back to Alaska. A famous Hawaiian song sung by many of this lovely bird is called Ulili E written by George Keahi and Naope. Click here to hear the song sung by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

`Ulili E - by George Keahi & Naope

`Ulili ë (ahahana `ulili ehehene `ulili ahahana)
`Ulili ho`i (ehehene `ulili ahahana `ulili ehehene)
`Ulili holoholo kahakai ë
O ia kai ua lana mälie
Hone ana ko leo e `ulili ë
O kahi manu noho `ae kai
Kia`i ma ka lae a`o kekaha
`O ia kai ua lana mälie
Hone ana ko leo kölea ë
Pehea `o Kahiki? Maika`i nö
`O ia `äina `uluwehiwehi
I hui pü `ia me ke onaona

The sandpiper
The sandpiper returns
Sandpiper runs along the beach
Where the sea is peaceful and calm
The voice of the sandpiper is soft and sweet
Little bird who lives by the sea
Ever watchful on the beaches
Where the sea is calm
The voice of the 'ulili is soft and sweet
How are you, stranger? Very well
You grace our land
Where the sea is always calm
Source: J. Kanoa Martin - This verse is the only extant part of an old mele about birds and their calls, that migrate to Hawaii. The ulili, wandering tattler (heteroscelus incanum) or sandpiper breeds in Alaska and the Yukon and migrates to Hawaii in the winter. Translator unknown, Edited by Dr. Barbara Price, Copyright Criterion Music Corp (


Cloudia said...

A familiar friend whose faithful return, and departure, are ever more meaningful with each
year that washes upon the shores of Waikiki-

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

Ron said...

Flapping your wings for 3000 miles to get to Hawaii, and I thought I had it tough having to sit in coach! LOL