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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hawaiian 12 Days of Christmas

"On the first day of Christmas my tutu give to me, one mynah bird in one papaya tree"
Merry Christmas to one and all! Since it's Christmas day, I thought to do a series of images for my own rendition of the Hawaiian 12 Days of Christmas. Starting on December 25, the song describes gifts that one receives from their Hawaiian grandparents or "tutu". Reaching Epiphany or January 5th, the song ends on the 12th day after Christmas. As part of today's capture, this beautiful bird flew in front of my lens and began posing. All it took was a few shots and I had my photo and I took off before it did. It's not a mynah bird but since the song takes precedent over the photo, I included this handsome avian. Capturing a shot of a nearby papaya tree I merged the two images together to hold true to the first day of Christmas.

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