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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Their Only Defense is Poison

Following heavy rainfall, wild mushrooms sprout from spores earthed in areas where they spontaneously appeared before like these on the grounds of Iolani Palace. Unique in form, these delicate fungus would probably inspire artists and architects such as Frank Gehry and credit would never be given to them. Their only defense would be poison but only if they were the poisonous kind, and even then, I ask the question, "How would they extract venom from themselves to plot against those who have stolen their intellectual property?"
 Perhaps I'm just attributing human quality to these beautiful things that have lifespans of about two days before deteriorating into nothing; but isn't it only natural to humanize everything as a human being, including inanimate objects such as these mushrooms that couldn't care about their own credit?  Any doubt, just recall the dancing mushrooms on FantasiaClick here for another view of today's photo of the day.

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