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Friday, December 9, 2011

Kunawai, a Natural Spring

Happy Friday everyone! It's been three months since Honolulu Photo of the Day posted it's first photo and your response has been overwhelmingly positive. All I have to do is log on to see some of your posts and I'm inspired to find another unique photo for the day. Thank you for following this blog because it makes it worthwhile to continue it knowing that you see it.

The photo of the day, today is of Kunawai Pond in the Liliha district. This pond is a natural spring that Hawaiian chiefs used to bathe in. The common person was not allowed to touch the water for it was believed to have healing powers. It is a natural spring that water flows from the mountains and down an underground stream, pass this spring and eventually it touches the ocean. I could only imagine that less than a century ago, the surroundings were probably overgrown with vegetation and it was probably a swampy area before it was cemented over without the rock wall. They found whitish gray clay in this spring and in this area that was used to make vessels.

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