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Friday, September 30, 2011

School Excursion

Click here to see 9/30/11 outtake photos at Honolulu Photo of the Day on Facebook
As a chaperon for my toddler's school's outing, I had an enjoyable experience riding in a school bus today. It reminded me of past excursions as a child and the excitement of adventure for the day. The open air windows, the bluish-gray vinyl bench seats, the high steps leading to the interior, the metal mini-fans, and the coin collector next to the bus driver, are a few nostalgic details in this prehistoric dinosaur. What is amazing is that the buses are still in operation and they are transporting another generation of kids to a variety of outings. These youngsters are building memories marked by the same details of the same buses that are from my youth.

The day trip was to the Children's Discovery Center  in Kakaako  where there were dozens of stations to explore and role play in such as mechanic, bus driver, fireman, sailor, newscaster, dentist, scientist, etc... Since I had a retro mindset, I photographed things that were from a different time period. See them at the above link as outtake photos on facebook.

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Halina said...

Ah! I remember those school trips. These didn't end up well always, I remember myself being so nauseous that we had to stop the bus and I had to get out to throw up... Not that nice!