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Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Axe Head Chopping it's Competitor

Click here to see another view of First Hawaiian Bank on facebook
First Hawaiian Bank is the tallest building in downtown Honolulu. The older building was demolished in the 90s and replaced by this newer bluish mirrored building. The owners consulted with Feng Shui masters to ensure that the energy flow of the bank would be positive. Some say that it was built in the shape of an axe head directing a chop at it's competitor Bank of Hawaii (the building directly across the street). Maybe it's an urban myth but ever since the new First Hawaiian Bank was built, many businesses have failed for almost half a mile behind Bank of Hawaii which is in line with First Hawaiian Bank's feng shui chop.

1 comment:

Number Six said...

Cool, I never knew the detail about FHB hiring feng shui masters for their new building. :)