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Sunday, November 20, 2011

University of Hawaii Art Gallery

Happy Sunday everyone! I was at the University of Hawaii art gallery today and they are featuring a ceramic show called "East-West Ceramic Collaboration V"with artists from the Pacific Rim until December 9, 2011. The show is free to the public and there the artists are internationally known. One of my favorite pieces is the above cup for it's simpleness and because it is a functional piece. Other works are detailed sculptures and other vessels. One artist used a paintball gun to shoot the glaze on his plates for a splash finish. Influenced by Hawaii's shaved ice, the colors on these plates represent the rainbow of flavors. The holiday season is now in motion and the traffic in the U.H. gallery has been slow, thus if you live here, feel free to take a peek at no charge! Click here to see some of the other pieces on display on facebook. 

Click here for the map to get to the U.H. gallery

1 comment:

Lynette said...

It is a beautiful cup, wonderful in its simple shape and detailed decoration.