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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Waikiki Natatorium, "Keep Out!"

To the left of these kids is Kaimana Beach and to the right of it is the Waikiki Natatorium. The gate to the pool is locked and the "keep out" signs have been up for years. Built in the 1920's it is the only saltwater Olympic size pool in the U.S. Built in the 1920's it has undergone wear and tear from the natural elements and from use. Thousands of dollars have been dedicated to restore parts of the the natatorium although it is still unfinished and has not been deemed safe by the state. It has gone though many political battles and continues to be up for discussion of whether to tear it down completely or preserve it. It is also a war memorial for those who have died and served in World War I. Many famous Olympic swimmers have competed here in the past and Duke Kahanamoku, the founding father of surfing has competed here as well. Click here for other images on facebook of the Waikiki Natatorium.

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