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Saturday, November 19, 2011

UPW Mural- Jean Charlot

The tile murals on the wall of the United Public Workers (UPW) Union's building is a creation by Jean Charlot the famous french painter. Although at first glance, I once thought it was created by Mexican painter Diego Rivera. Located in Kalihi on School Street, it is another one of Honolulu's little treasures for all to freely enjoy. It worth seeking out since it is a block or two and walking distance from the Bishop Museum. The art depicts hard labor as it recognizes blue collar workers who are usually the unsung heroes of the community. A bunch of young volunteers were laboring in the area by picking up trash, and they walked in between the mural and my shutter for this picture.


Lisa said...

Wow. So beautiful. Love the colours.

Honolulu Photo of the Day said...

Thanks Lisa!

shandam said...

Wow, I pass this almost every week, and have never even noticed the detail of this's just become "part of the landscape" sadly. Next time I pass it, I'll take a much more appreciated look at it (safely while driving, of course, haha).